Our products developed for flexible packaging can be used in a variety of materials, included, but no limited to polymeric (for instance PET, PE, PP, and more), complex (aluminum + paper, PET + PET, PET + OPP, and more) or clean aluminum. We do provide solvent- and water-based solutions.
Pictures illustrates the performance of our antifog coating

Our products are today in a variety of applications. For instance, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy products, food packaging, aluminum for tobacco, etc.

Our product range include heat-sealable and heat-resistant coatings, antifog coatings, antistatic coatings and a range of other coatings.

Antifog coating is applied onto the inner layer of the packaging (PE) in the middle, bottom set. It is worth highlighting that the illustrated coated is not only antifog but has also active (AOX) capabilities, being very appropriate for meat packaging as shown.