ARTIBAL development, quality control and testing facilities support the total quality policy of the company. Through the establishment of strong standards and rutinary testing total satisfacion of our Clients is guaranteed.

General view of our quality lab

IR equipement

To the left, there is a general view of our development/quality control lab.

Not only quality control, but continuous product development is a key feature of ARTIBAL´s bussiness policy. Thus, the Lab equipment includes modern analysis techniques, including but not limited to Static Headspace coupled to Gas Chromatography and Flame Ionisation Detection (HS-GC-FID); InfraRed Spectrometry (IR) or Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC, model Diamond from Perkin Elmer) equipped with an Intracooler II.

Our Quality Management System is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 by IQNet and AENOR from year 1999.

Equipment includes also in-house designed and built devices, as for instance a machine for packing (through temperature sealing) different types of foodstuff.

To give service to the DSC, we also have an analytical balance model XS204  from Mettler Toledo

DSC equipement
In-house designed and built machine for packing