ARTIBAL´s understanding of semirigid material includes aluminum, PET as well as other similar materials.
Some samples of material coated with our products

We provide coating solutions for a variety of applications, including can coating, catering, take-away foods, desserts, frozen foods, pet food, and much more. We can also provide sterilizable varnishes for a variety of applications.

Also, we have a complete catalogue for architectural coatings, solutions designed to coat building exteriors to resist water, corrosion, and/or fire as well as to improve the wear resistance of the paint. To complete the picture, we also have in our portfolio a succesful formulation for its use in finnstock applications.

To ensure performance of these coatings, we have a demanding quality control routine, including salty fog, acidic salty fog, UV-resitence (QUVb), Kesternich cycles, and more. We are also open to include different tests as requested by our clients.

For more information, please try our testing facilities